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Fetches a Python interpreter for the local machine. This command is available under the aliases rye fetch and rye toolchain fetch.


Fetch a specific version of Python:

$ rye fetch 3.8.13
Downloading cpython@3.8.13
Checking checksum
success: Downloaded cpython@3.8.13

To fetch the pinned version of Python you can leave out the argument:

$ rye fetch
Downloading cpython@3.8.17
Checking checksum
success: Downloaded cpython@3.8.17


  • [VERSION]: The version of Python to fetch.

    If no version is provided, the requested version will be fetched.


  • -v, --verbose: Enables verbose diagnostics

  • -q, --quiet: Turns off all output

  • -h, --help: Print help (see a summary with '-h')